The 5 Best Ayurveda Retreats in Kerala

luxurious, contemporary-style, pool-facing suites, the vibe here is intimate and low-key. Few guests naturally means lots of individual attention (and attention to detail). Ayurveda regimes here are bespoke and based on a diagnosis with a highly experienced doctor. Diet is an integral part of Ayurveda, and here the food is as delicious as it is healthy and easy to digest, with tri-doshic meals prepared with organic garden-grown herbs, vegetables and fruits, and the freshest local produce. Besides treatments (some of which can be carried out on the therapy bed in your room), there are small-group yoga and meditation classes.Top treatmentsExpect sweet-voiced mantra chanting while unwinding with treatments like podikizhi, where medicated herb poultices are applied to alleviate aches and inflammation, abyangam massage with warm medicated oil to improve circulation and sleep, and pizhichil – a blend of warm oil and gentle massage.You’ll never forget…Watching kingfishers flit past as you quietly contemplate the river from a terrace framed by bamboo. Or listening to the hypnotic sound of evening puja (prayer) drift from nearby Hindu temples as the sun goes down.

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